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A GAMJOB.COM Project | Taxi Ad. & Animation

Client Profile

GAMJOBS is a career website in The Gambia with the aim of connecting suitable employers to employees as well as worthy employees to employers.



Gamjobs approached us with a sole purpose to create an advertising medium to attract more employers.



Through our outdoor marketing and digital advertising, we aided using five taxi billboards to advertise Gamjobs solution that enables employers to be matched with potential eligible job seekers. The campaign enabled employers to register through text; where Gamjobs will match suitable employers to employees available.



The Results

With our taxis running on the very popular route between Banjul and Westfield, the #Beasmartemployer campaign has been seen over 130,000+ times. Our taxis have picked up over 4000 passengers during the period of the Campaign. More people have been exposed resulting in the new sign up for jobs our and employers leads.

You can visit GAMJOBS at





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